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An Easy Way To Clean Pesticides Off Of Your Fruits and Vegetables

Apples with Baking Soda box

Here is a quick and easy solution from the July Better Brighter Easier newsletter... Summer means fruits and vegetables often eaten raw. Stone fruit, salads, cherries, apples, berries, and more deserve to be savored and eaten clean.

This "around the house" discovery started with my friend, Michelle, suggesting the use of baking soda to clean produce. I did some more digging and found out she is correct. There is a lot of evidence to support the process of removing pesticides by soaking your fruits and veggies in this versatile helper also known as inexpensive, natural baking soda. 

In this video, Dr. Alan Mandell, suggests 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 2 cups of water. It's probably not an exact science so I just put in a scoop into a bowl of cold water, stir it and add the produce. Do this while you are prepping other food as it takes about 15 minutes, then rinse well and serve. This tip works, and I swear the food tastes better for it!

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