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Change Christmas Cards Into Acts Of Kindness!

Santa Claus Christmas Card

I think by now, most people are beyond the yearly chore of sending out Christmas cards en masse. When I say, Christmas cards, it could be Kwanza, Hanukkah, or anything else you celebrate. In any case, the stacks that used to arrive and find a spot on tabletops, credenzas, archways, mantles, etc., are areas now left bare but for a couple of photo pictures. The traditional cards are - dare I say it - a task of the past. Time moves on, things progress, and that is okay. 

Digital communication, just like you are reading now at the Better Brighter Easier blog, is the way most people keep in touch. Social networking, texting, face-timing, video sharing, have replaced the box of Santa cards with the gratification of instant connection. Snail mail is still viable, and necessary, but the holiday card business is less of a "green" option to send your season greetings. 

My suggestion is to change the energy and time you used to put into selecting, writing out, addressing, stamping, and mailing cards into ACTS OF KINDNESS. These acts can be very simple, take place at any time, and offer themselves up if you are looking to be kind to others. It's amazing how a little gesture can boost someone's day. 

When an opportunity pops up to be kind, don't shy away, think of the time you used to put into Christmas cards knowing that this act is a chance for you to reach out, connect, and create a bit of holiday cheer. It's one-at-a-time-and-done, without any clutter or guilt about tossing out all that paper! We all live busy lives, and technology has given us back a few more hours each year, why not use that time and energy to spread good cheer. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanakkuh, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, wishing you a wonderful season of health, sparkle, and joy! ~ Luci