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Cut Flowers: A Little Extra Care Saves Those Beautiful Blooms

Flowers in a vase on table

With summer here flowers are blooming everywhere, and fresh-cut flowers are plentiful. Nothing is prettier than a vase of colorful petals in the morning when you are enjoying your coffee. They cost money, and they can last longer with a little extra TLC. Here are a few tips to make them last longer:

1. If you can't get them into water right away, put them in the refrigerator. 
2. When you buy them at the store, carry the bunch of flowers upside down, or at an inverted angle. This keeps the water from draining out of the stems during transport.
3. Peel off or cut away any leaves or foliage that would be submersed under the water line. These will rot and create bacteria when soaking in the vase.
4. If you have a preservative packet, use it. Add it first to the vase, and then add the water so it mixes well. Keep the water at room temperature.
5. No preservative packet in sight? Then add sugar, use a teaspoon or two depending on the size of the vase. The sugar gives them some nourishment. 
6. Add a few pennies to the vase to slow bacteria growth.
7. Change the water every few days, and trim the ends a bit. This will open the stems again for the flowers to continuing absorbing the fresh water.
8. Pick out the ones that are getting old and perhaps downsize the vase with the flowers that are still fresh.
TIP: Always work in the kitchen sink for easy clean up and no spillage worries.

Enjoy Blooms Aplenty!