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Dorm ROOMIGATOR™ To The Rescue

College Dorm Room

It's that time again when everyone heads back to school.... The college set has returned to their dorm rooms with all of their "stuff". Classes are in session, books are bought, tuitions paid, and it's time to focus on the daily upkeep of the dorm room.

Most dorm rooms are small without a lot of ventilation to keep it smelling fresh. ROOMIGATOR™ can help in a big way in any small space. This is especially important because, like in a bathroom - another small space - what you spray, you breathe! Think about that for a minute. Whatever you add to the air around you goes in you.

This is definitely something most people don't really consider when reaching for an air freshener. Many big company, supermarket-shelf, brands have ingredients that no one should be breathing, like phthalates, chemical suspenders (to keep the fragrance hanging in the air), and industrial emulsifiers (to keep the product mixed without shaking). 

ROOMIGATOR™ does NOT use any of those ingredients. You can see the other items NOT in our product on the About ROOMIGATOR™ page. In fact, we feel that a little old-fashioned elbow grease - you just have to "shake and spray" so the organic essential oils remix for maximum effect - is a whole lot Better Brighter Easier, than harmful non-natural parts that mask odors instead of neutralizing them. 

Here is a resent review from a college student:

College Student Review

Thank you Kathryn, your review made our semester! We ship all over the USA so wherever you or your kid attends school so they can go greener with ROOMIGATOR™!