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In The Garden... It's Time To Get Dirty, Yippee!!

Pansies, marigolds, petunias in galvanized steel tub
Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose...

It's gardening time! If you like to dig in the dirt, plant some flowers, and feel the sun on your shoulders, raise your gloved hand! 

Whether you have acres to cover, like to fashion smaller garden scapes, or only a deck to adorn, containers are a great way to create your floral space. Container gardening offers the chance to play with colorful combinations, textures, and varying heights.

Here are a three ways to reuse, recycle, or repurpose household items that will make your gardening activities better, brighter, and easier.

1. Get out those paper coffee filters that are hidden in your cabinet. Place one or two at the bottom of a plant container making sure to cover the drainage holes. This will prevent the fresh new soil from flowing through when you water it while still allowing for proper drainage.

2. If you have packing peanuts hanging around (it seems that every time I get rid of them, more show up!), then put them to good use by filling the lower third of a planter with them. Cover with the dirt and plant your flowers. This allows for drainage AND make a large container much lighter to move around. 

3. Similar to number 2's tip, you can do the same thing with packing bubble bags that arrive in many a delivery box. They are light as air, since that is what they are... But only use these on the lower sides of the planter so as not to cover the drainage hole with the thin plastic. These will save you soil and keep the filled container lightweight. If they deflate, it's okay, but they should last awhile as the roots set up.

You can use these items separately, or all three in one big container! Happy gardening days!! 🌺🐞🌻🦋🌼🌸☀️🐝