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Keep Those Pesky Ants Away The Inexpensive and Natural Way

Salt Shaker

There are many ways to use salt besides flavoring food. A while back, I wrote the article, 11 Easy Ways To Use Salt In The Kitchen. Along with many other of the Here We Are... with Luci articles (that's my other website), this one gets a lot of hits so people are looking for natural alternatives.

Now I'm adding another usage to the list of ways to use salt... Sprinkle salt at your doorways, inside and out to keep the ants away.Also, use it at your window sills, under your sink, along your garage door opening, and anywhere else you've seen the culprits. Evidently, they don't like to walk on salt so they will turn around if they can't get beyond the grains. TIP: It doesn't have to be a mountain of salt, just enough for little ant feet to know it's there.

This is a chemical-free, non-toxic, inexpensive solution to a spring time problem. I have woods behind my house, and I've used it on my deck, and the back door... It works!

More TIPS:
(1) If you have pets, only use it in areas where they don't have access or prevent them from walking in the salt; it's not good for their paws, and they eat it when they lick it off.
(2) For us humans, remember to step OVER the salted areas so you don't track it onto your carpets or wood floors.
(3) Add more salt when you see it dissipating. 
Enjoy the summer!!

A little extra-care when using this pest solution is better than spraying chemicals all over!