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Lemons Here, There, and Everywhere!

Lemonade recipe

Among other oils, ROOMIGATOR™ has organic Lemon Essential Oil in the blend. It's always interesting to me that some people smell the lemon right away, and others will pick up on another essential oil, like lavender. The sense of smell is a funny thing... The ability to identify and detect scent varies with each person. 

This is part of the reason I recently added the ROOMIGATOR™ Hatchlings to the Better Brighter Easier website. It gives people a chance to try it at a cost that is less than a Starbuck's Trenta Iced Black Tea with Lemonade. (Mmmm, my favorite!) 

Speaking of lemonade, check out my favorite homemade lemonade recipe on the post-it picture above, or read the full article here. It's easy to make and delicious!!

Not big on lemonade but have some extra lemons rolling around the kitchen? Try my easy  Lemon Ice, Sorbet, Granita, Sorbetto recipe instead. Refreshing! Enjoy!!