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Long Live Your Lemons

Lemon Slices

There is something about a bowl of lemons that feels "plentiful" and optimistic. It's their bright yellow color, but also the multitude of uses lemons provide. At this time of year, we think about gratitude, and while lemons sometimes are euphemistic for a dud of one thing or another, they are also brimming with healthy and useful qualities. Two important qualities for which we are also grateful in life. Being healthy, and useful, gifts that are intangible yet at the heart of it all.


So as we near the holiday season, you may find yourself buying a lot of lemons... Some to display, some to wedge, others to garnish, and many for drinks (spa water is a healthful addition to your diet anytime of the year). For the extra that may not get used right away, I found a great trick to making lemons live longer. Put them in a glass jar filled with water, cap the jar, and store in the refrigerator for up to a month! Yes, this works. I tested it and was surprised that the lemon was fresh to the touch and the pulp was still juicy. Not sure if this works with limes, but I don't see why not. 


A little bit of prep saves money, and maybe a trip to the store. Plus, keep that spa water made fresh, and enjoy this sunny fruit as if it were still summer. And best of all, be grateful for whatever shines bright, healthy, and useful, in your life today. ~ Luci