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Simple Spring Time Task Can Help You Sleep & Feel Better

It's a big, bright, beautiful spring day and the flowers are blooming, but so is the pollen count! This season, news reports say that the pollen count is the highest in years... Not such great news but forewarned is forearmed. 

Doing this one simple household task can go a long way to feeling better all day long, and sleeping better, too! CHANGE your pillowcases. Yup, that's the trick; especially if you open your bedroom windows. Changing the pillow case before you go to sleep decreases the possibility of breathing accumulated pollen. 

It's important to do even if you do not open your windows because we pick up pollen on our skin and hair. Unless you are showering before bed every night, you are depositing pollen onto your pillowcase. Then you breathe it in up close and personal all night long! YUK. Ever wake up with your eyes swollen, red, and itchy and wonder how the pollen was bothering you indoors? It was probably on your hair.

Changing the pillowcase every day during springtime will help decrease the amount of indoor pollen. Yes, it makes for one more "to do," but it only takes a minute and it can make a big difference if you suffer from exposure from this seasonal issue. If every day is too much to keep up with, then turn it over and get two uses out of each clean cases (just remember which side you slept on last night!).

Beauty tip: Beside the allergy issue, this is a great habit all year round because you don't want to put your freshly washed face on a pillowcase that has invisible residue of products, like hairspray. That's like sleeping on a vat of chemicals. Double YUK!

TIP: Use a few sprays of ROOMIGATOR™ on your clean pillowcase to help you relax as you drift off. The orange and lavender organic essential oils are known for their aromatherapeutic properties to aid in relaxation. Please excuse the promotional part of this tip but it is true, and it works like a dream; no pun intended!