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Spring Into Something Special For Yourself

We made it through winter, yeah! We are now officially into Spring 2021, and while things in the world are still in a state of upheaval, the one thing we can do is take good care of ourselves. So here is my idea to make each day better, brighter, and easier from a personal aspect. 

In the past (on my former blog) I wrote about a memory jar. The idea is that you memorialize each day with a quick note written on a slip of paper and put it into the jar. Be sure to date each slip. At the end of the year, or on New Year's Day, open the jar and read the 365 life experiences you enjoyed that were "jar worthy". The reward for this daily task is a big gift delivered in small jotted notes to remember the wonderful moments that might otherwise be forgotten as the months passed by.

Well what if we take that idea and instead of writing the experience down after it's happened - by the way the Memory Jar is a wonderful to-do and I still recommend it - we start a jar of a self-care goal for that day. You jot down what you want or need to do for YOURSELF that very day. By writing it down and dropping into the jar, you've set the intention in concrete. This always helps a goal come to life (that's why to-do lists can be a helpful way to actually get stuff done). The "Something Special" jar holds a gift to yourself for that day, and only that day so you know you can get it done. 

Right now, stress levels are still at all time highs. Everyone has something going on that is adding to stress in these precarious days of late. If you select one small item to take better care of yourself, then you've succeeded that day in improving your life, and maybe reducing stress.

Sounds simple, and truly, it is! It's amazing how one small act of self-care can help you feel better, comforted, calmer, prettier, settled, etc. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it is something that you will enjoy AND at the end of the day you know you completed your morning intention. That is a good thing to check of your list!!