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Still Time For A Spring Fling: Clean Out The Old & Clear The Clutter

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So you hate spring cleaning? Thought you would start early but never even got it going? Or is your house so clean and sanitized from the pandemic scare that there isn't much left to clean? If so, good for you, BUT I bet there is "stuff" hanging around on the shelves, in closets, cabinets, drawers, basement, garage, etc., that need to be gotten rid of. 

In a recent Better Brighter Easier newsletter, I suggested the process of decluttering as your primary approach to this season's spring cleaning. Here is part of the original idea beginning on day one of spring, "Don't make a big deal of it this year, stress is everywhere right now and this idea is about being stress-free! Every day, and I mean, each and every day, get rid of ONE item. Yup! That's it. From today until June 20, pull one item from your home to toss, donate, give away, or sell." If you started then, by the end of spring you'd have cleared out at least 50 items. That is a big dent!

If you didn't start, don't give up... Regroup and begin today. Instead of ending on June 20, continue for the rest of the month with your reward being a decluttered environment by Fourth of July! Light up the fire works, you cleaned out your closet!! 

While it sounds easy, it can be a daunting task. I promise that once you begin, it gets easier to decide what to keep and what to send on its way. Pull three boxes to help you organize, marking one for donations, one for giveaways, and one for items to sell. As for the things that are being tossed, put it right into the recycling or garbage bin; don't second guess yourself. TIP: If it feels like it has to go, it does! The only decision is which box or bin.

Try these ideas as you look around your home: start with a book, then a shirt, toss the dead plant on your window sill, chuck the cable wire that doesn't plug into anything, put the extra dishes in the donation box, fold up that sweater your friend admired. Look around EVERY DAY and when you see something that needs to go, grab it and place it in the appropriate box or bin.

This will become a habit and you'll will soon see a decrease in clutter. TIP: When you next open up the junk drawer and it's loaded with junk, start there! Just one thing a day. You can do it! BONUS: Donations to most charities can be a write off on your taxes, and the giveaways can make someone else happy! Win-Win.

By the end of this month, when summer really starts you will see a lot less clutter and feel great about it. Then enjoy reading a book, while sipping iced tea, on your cleared out porch! Good job!!