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About BBE & Luci

Luci With ROOMIGATORsHi, and thanks for stopping by Better Brighter Easier, Helpful Things For A Happy Life! I'm Luci Weston, the founder of BBE. You may know me from my life and style blog, Here We Are... with Luci. I was blogging there for over 11 years offering hundreds of articles, podcasts, and videos, where my goal was to make every topic better, brighter, and easier! It has been my pleasure to build my life & style brand there, and now, I am excited to focus my efforts here at Better Brighter Easier. Beside introducing new products, the first being ROOMIGATOR®️, The Natural Neutralizer, I'll continue to blog, podcast, and create more videos for you. 

After years of making, gifting, sharing, and improving my formula for a natural air freshener and linen spray, I finally perfected it. I wanted a healthier product to spray around my home and couldn't find it, so I created ROOMIGATOR®️. The response was very positive, so now I'm sharing this "helpful thing for a happy life" with every one else who wants and needs a fresher, cleaner, more natural room spray.

There will be more products to come in the near future to make your life better, brighter, and easier, but right now, it's all about ROOMIGATOR®️. I hope you will read our testimonials, you can find reviews on the product pages to see what happy ROOMIGATOR®️ users are saying.

I've also written the history of how this product was developed, and listed many other important details for you to make an informed decision.

What's the Happiness Policy? It's simple, I want you to be happy. Money doesn't grow on trees - even though some ingredients in ROOMIGATOR®️ do - if you spend your money here, I want you to be confident to shop again and happy to shake & spray your ROOMIGATOR®️ around your home!

Every full-size bottle and Hatchling (our pocket/travel size spray) is filled with the ROOMIGATOR®️ proprietary blend made with love and care using the finest ORGANIC essential oils available, truly. This product has been used by my family and friends for years, and now the circle of ROOMIGATOR®️ fans is expanding and I couldn't be happier. With the BBE Plant It Forward giving program, every bottle sold plants a tree! Win, win!

Thank you again for making time to read about me and this website. I look forward to sharing blog posts with you on the new Better Brighter Easier Life site (launching soon!). In the meantime, please join the BBE newsletter to receive quarterly better, brighter, easier life hacks and helpful tips, as well as sales, discounts, and more!

My pledge, my promise, my mission.

~ Luci Weston, Founder 

A bit more about myself...

Luci Weston is a Living-Well Lifestyle Specialist with a law degree, a SAG card, a black belt in shopping, a podcaster, a writer, an actor, a producer, a decor consultant, a self-taught cook, a film nut, a garden lover, a foodie, and a proud girlie-girl!
Beside blogging at Better Brighter Easier Life, I've also been writing several books. They include a romantic suspense novel, a children's chapter book, a children's picture book, and my upcoming ebook about Living Your Life Out Loud. I've never been short of imagination or curiosity, and my books are expressions of these traits that I look forward to sharing with you.
 I also really enjoy podcasting, please check out my film & television review show, Chick Flick Chat!

Thank you. ~ Luci  

My favorite quote is:

Your imagination is your preview to life's coming attractions. ~ Albert Einstein 


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