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The BBE Plant It Forward Giving Program

For EVERY bottle of ROOMIGATOR™ that is sold, we donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation. The donation we make to plant trees helps meet their goal to plant 50 million trees by 2023. Please use this link to read more about their excellent program, and to watch the video.

At BetterBrighterEasier.com, we selected The Nation Forest Foundation as our donation recipient because without trees and nature there would be no ROOMIGATOR™. In the larger picture, there are 193 million acres managed by the US Forest Service but owned by the American public, much in need of reforestation. This means  we are helping clean the the air, and supporting wildlife that would otherwise languish without the birthright forestal habitat. 

Let's hear it for fresh air and happy woodland creatures... Plant it Forward! And thank you for shopping at BetterBrighterEasier.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Better Brighter Easier Newsletter is generally a quarterly newsletter, unlike many companies that bombard you with sales pitches daily. The newsletter is not all about selling you product, it's about sharing the Better Brighter Easier lifestyle. 

The Newsletter included snippets of information you can use in you daily life, some money-saving codes, movie and TV reviews, and all sorts of items of interest that change seasonally. 

If you signed up for the Newsletter, it's FREE, and you can always unsubscribe. So far, the readers like it and it's been growing. 

It's about all things Better, Brighter, and Easier! Luci writes about food & drink: home, decor, & garden; healthy living; beauty, fashion, & style; DIY & furniture painting projects; tips and uses for ROOMIGATOR®️ and it's also home to the Chick Flick Chat pop culture podcast. Join us!
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We make every effort to have your order packed and shipped out on the order day or the next business day. 

We want you to shop with confidence and enjoy every product we sell... So we have a 100% "Happiness" Policy. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy. Please see more details on our policy page.

You can always email me and I will respond ASAP. Please don't hesitate to ask away! You have a question, and I'll have an answer. 

No, we apologize for any inconvenience, but we only ship within the USA. 

Yes, we are happy to accommodate larger orders with a bit of notice. Please contact me with any questions and timing issues. If you are curating items for a party or wedding gift bag, consider the Hatchling size ROOMIGATOR, they are a perfect addition. No matter your need, every effort is made to make you happy!

We are an American company, the product is handmade in the USA! We also source approximately 90% of all our goods from suppliers in the USA. A few of the organic oils have to be purchased from international sources due to the nature of their nature! 

The bottles are recyclable, and almost all of the packaging materials we use are recyclable or compostable. 

We do not fill your orders with lots of extra paper flyers. We love trees and work toward saving them, as well as planting them. SEE our donation program info to the National Forest Foundation

That is a very good question... And one I work on every day. Scent is a very personal, subjective thing. The reviews and testimonials we have received should help you see how others feel about ROOMIGATOR. Check out

The ROOMIGATOR is made with ORGANIC Essential Oils. These are much more expensive than non-organic oils, or chemical fragrances that contain a lot of well, chemicals, which are made in bulk keeping them inexpensive. 

The ORGANIC oils in ROOMIGATOR are sourced from around the world so that you are only breathing in the best available. My mission is to sell you the best room freshener possible so you become a Roomigator, too, like so many others who tell me that they reach for it over and over in their homes, offices, cars, you name it!


Right now the focus is on ROOMIGATOR and building relationships with people like you. 

Additional Better Brighter Easier products are coming soon so please stay tuned! There are some great things on the way!!

NO, please do not... ROOMIGATOR®️ is a Federally Registered Trademark of Lucimac Productions, LLC, on the United States Patent and Trademark Registry.

All Rights Reserved and Asserted.

The best way to use ROOMIGATOR is to "Shake AND Spray, Shake AND Spray" the bottle as many times as you'd like. We recommend about 5 sprays up in the air. 

Like any air freshener do NOT spray directly on fabric to avoid issues with oil on fabric. You can spray linens by spraying over them and letting the shaken solution settle on your pillows and sheets. 

It should be fine if you are shaking and spraying ROOMIGATOR®️ before each use. If the sprayer slows down its pumping action, gently tap the bottle on a hard surface, shake again, tap, and try spraying. You can also take the sprayer out and run it under hot water, then spray any remaining product from sprayer before replacing it on your bottle. 

NOTE: Every sprayer is tested with a "one-spray test" before it is packaged and sent to you. Sometimes things happen, and while we haven't had many issues with this, your satisfaction is most important. If the sprayer on your bottle stops working properly, we are happy to replace it for you free of charge. Please send an email and let us know so we can get you back on track refreshing your home and office with ROOMIGATOR.

There is some concern about cats and Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil. Please see this article by the ASPCA for more info, and Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets. ROOMIGATOR®️ does contain organic Tea Tree Essential Oil. Like you, I love animals, too, and understand your concern. My parents have used ROOMIGATOR®️ in their home with both cats and a dog for a number of years without issue.

Please avoid spraying your pet or creating direct contact just as you would with any product. 

Much of the issue with essential oils and pets arises when an essential oil being used "neat", i.e., directly on a pet or their things and/or the use of diffusers that generate continuous output of the oils into the air. Putting any essential oils on a pets fur, face, paws, toys, bedding, is NOT advised and could be dangerous. Please avoid this with any product. If using a diffuser, please be sure to keep it in a room unattended by your pets. Keep our furry friends safe and healthy!