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ROOMIGATOR®️ Hatchling Pocket Spray -- Out Of Stock!

ROOMIGATOR®️ Hatchling Pocket Spray -- Out Of Stock!

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This easy-to-carry Hatchling size ROOMIGATOR ®️ is perfect for travel, purse, pocket, book bag, car console, desk drawer, and wherever else you need to freshen your space and linens!

Net Wt. .17 oz. / 5 ml.

Sold individually, they arrive in a nylon pouch with directions. (The pouches vary in color: turquoise, chartreuse, or lavender as per supplies.) 

Party IDEA: These Hatchlings are perfect for party favors, wedding gift bags, open house takeaways, yoga retreats, etc.

NOTE: See the photo of the boxes... This was a recent order for a destination wedding. They included the Hatchling ROOMIGATORs as part of the gift bags. I understand it was a big hit with everyone who was staying at the hotel!


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