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Hands down, this is the absolute best air freshener ever! I use it throughout my home and in our cars. It completely freshens the air wherever I use it and leaves a clean fresh scent that I really love. And it's safe for the environment which is important to me. It's the only product like this that I'll use.

Barbara K.

Will Bring It Along Every Time I Travel

I started taking this spray with me when we travel. It saves the day over and over in hotel rooms, and a recent house rental where people cooked something before we checked in. Sprayed it, unpacked, and the kitchen smelled clear in no time. Thank you.

Cynthia F.

Roomigator has become one of my new favorite natural products. I try to keep harsh chemicals out of my home and I love that I can feel good about using Roomigator. Especially with kids in the house. Plus, it smells delightful! Thank you, BBE!

Staci P.

I love this spray! It freshens the air quickly and naturally. I keep one in the bathroom and one in my office. Besides neutralizing the air, I find a quick spritz when I'm having a stressful day calms me down. It must be the lavender oil."

Michelle F.

Perfect in the bathroom. 

Johnny W.

This spray is light and refreshing! I am often bothered by the strong smelling room sprays I've bought in the supermarket, but not by Roomigator. I love it!

Pat P.

I am a teacher, and I it's the only spray that I feel comfortable using in the classroom. I also make sure I take it with me on vacation to freshen up the hotel room. 

Lynn W.

I got a bottle of this room spray in a gift bag. I put it in my desk at work. After someone overcooked smelly food in the office microwave, I sprayed it in the company kitchen. I've been waiting to buy more since I've used it all over my office everyday after that. When I ran out, I really missed it!

Teresa F
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