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A Note From Luci To You

ROOMIGATOR®️, The Natural Neutralizer, has been getting spritzed around houses for a few years... I've developed this product through lots of trial and error, and with each batch it got better and better.

After giving it away during the holidays, as hostess gifts, at house warming parties, as gift toppers, etc., most of the recipients asked for more. I heard many requests like, "Can I buy a bottle, Luci?... How do I get a refill?... When are you making another batch?... Please bring me your room spray when you visit... How can I order one for each bathroom?... The people I work with want some, where can they get it?... How come you aren't selling this online?" And more!

Before launching the life and style blog, Here We Are... with Luci, I had a small bath and body product company and during that time, I learned a lot about working with essential oils. When I decided that mixing salts wasn't my passion, I began making room sprays with the extra inventory. My intent was to create a fragrant room freshener that was natural, pleasing, and effective. I needed to eliminate all the off-the-shelf-store bought room fresheners that are chemical laden, aerosols, and over-perfumed that trigger immediate headaches.

By developing my own essential oil room spray, I use what Mother Nature provides.


NO animal derived ingredients of any kind
NO phthalates
NO chemical / synthetic fragrances
NO colorants
NO formaldehyde
NO aerosols
NO parabens
NO alcohol
NO plastic based emulsifiers

NO other unpronounceable ingredients found in many household fragrance boosters.

Since I began this quest, I've been playing with the oil mixtures by experimenting, sniffing, and spritzing my house. The propriety blend that makes ROOMIGATOR®️ unique was developed over several years. At one point, I found myself reaching again and again for this particular recipe, AND the requests for more kept coming in. That's when I knew I was onto something and I had to share it. My belief is that if it made my life better, brighter, and easier, it could do the same for others.

I can honestly tell you that every time someone visits my home, they comment on how fresh and clean it smells. I spray ROOMIGATOR®️ for them to experience and they then proceed to guess the different oils in the blend to confirm which scents they detect. It's fun, and they smell the results. Then they want a bottle to take home!

Anytime a space needs freshening up, grab a bottle to shake and spray around the room. Use it all over the house. The feedback from my customers is amazing and very positive. I am repeatedly told that people use it in their cars, at the office, in the bathroom, in the kitchen after cooking, on their pillow at bedtime, in the basement, etc.

It's very exciting for me to finally share ROOMIGATOR®️ with the world (ok, the continental USA right now). 

Here are the top 12 things to know about ROOMIGATOR®️:

1. It's primary benefit is to aromatically refresh and revive your space.

2. It's secondary benefit is to neutralize odors... Even those that our furry friends can create just by living in a house. An extra benefit is to use it to refresh your linens... Spray on your pillow and sheets and inhale the aromatherapeutic benefits of the essential oils while refreshing your bedding! Win, win!

3. It is NOT an overpowering scent, it's strength depends on how many spritzes you apply with each use.

4. The essential oils are organic and sourced from around the world, and yes, the price reflects the quality of the ingredients... Remember, if you are smelling it, you are breathing it, so quality is important!

5. The 2 fl. ounce / 59.14 mL bottle is a perfect travel size as it meets airline product size restrictions. The Hatchling is a pocket size spray that goes anywhere with you, in your pocket, purse, book bag, car, etc. It's also a great way to sample the scent!

6. For best results, SHAKE AND SPRAY - SHAKE AND SPRAY - SHAKE AND SPRAY up into the air - shaking keeps the oils well mixed and ready to go to work.

7. The scent lingers depending on the amount you use, but it does not mask odors or leave your home chokingly perfumed - If you want more scent, SHAKE AND SPRAY a few more times, knowing that you aren't breathing in suspension chemicals that create a masked effect.

8. I can't tell you how many spritz's you will get out of each bottle, but most people tell me the 2 oz. bottle lasts about 2 months with daily use in a bathroom.

9. Scent is very subjective AND personal... One day you might smell one of the fruit oils, the next a flower oil. The essential oils continuously meld and no two batches are exactly alike because Mother Nature is ever changing but we make every effort to be consistent with the scent. Our small batch mixes make for superior quality and control. 

10. Essential oils are studied and used not only for their wonderful scents but for their aromatherapeutic benefits. While the primary purpose of ROOMIGATOR®️ is to work hard as a room freshener and odor neutralizer utilizing those wonderful scents, it can also help relieve STRESS and promote RELAXATION! Yes, that's right... There are specific essential oils in ROOMIGATOR®️ known to do just that!! Gotta' love aromatherapy AND a fresh smelling space.

11. The experimenting, sniffing, researching, and mixing has been done for you... We stand behind this product and believe it will help you keep your house smelling fresher. If you don't, please see the BBE Happiness Policy.

12. You work hard to keep a clean house, you buy products, use elbow grease, and extra time to keep up with it all... Yet cooking, laundry piles, sweat, pets, stagnant air, bathroom smells and more seep in to do their best to stink up your efforts... ROOMIGATOR®️, The Natural Neutralizer, can now be added to your arsenal by working to conquer those activities that don't pass the sniff test making your daily life a bit BETTER BRIGHTER and EASIER!

NOTE: There is some concern about Tea Tree Essential Oil being used around cats. ROOMIGATOR®️ does contain Tea Tree EO; please avoid spraying directly on a cat or any pet or on their toys, bedding, etc. 

PLUS: Every item we send you, from the packing materials, paperwork, to the aluminum bottle is RECYCLABLE (with the exception of the white cap and tubing - but I'm trying to find a source for this, too).

Thank you so much for reading this note, and I hope you try ROOMIGATOR®️ soon!

BONUS: See our Happiness Policy and shop with confidence from Better Brighter Easier.

~ Luci Weston, Founder 



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